The carnival’s parades snake through the streets of the island’s capital city, Willemstad
Curaçao - Everyone on this island country looks forward to the two-day Curaçao Carnival which consists of the Gran Marcha (The Grand Parade) and Marcha di Despedida (The Farewell March). People on the island being work on the carnival six months in advance. The event itself involves 6,000 participants and 1,500 ‘helpers’ who either play music or keep the beverages flowing.
The carnival’s parades snake through the streets of the island’s capital city, Willemstad.
Enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of the parade, each carnival group has at least one party trailer. Massive Production supplied and outfitted audio video and lights for 16 of these trailers. For some, the company went all out turning the vehicles into moving concert stages. Adding a level of bling to these 45ft ‘boombox trailers’ was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures from Massive Productions’ own inventory.
Supporting the performances of the artists, and engaging the crowd as well as the dancers, was a lightshow created with Rogue R2 Beam, R2 Spot, and R2 Wash fixtures, EPIX Strip IP units, pixel mapped to coordinate with LED screens, and COLORado 1-Tri IP washes.
Given that the festival trailers took roughly six-hours to complete their journeys, the Massive Productions team was careful to outfit them with rigs that could create a variety of different looks. While the EPIX Strips were used to outline the trailers and give them defining architecture, and the COLORado units created a rainbow of colour washes that fit the mood of the moment, the Rogue movers were counted on to add punch to the performances and engage the throngs of onlookers who saw the trailers pass by.
Hung on circular and rectangular truss, the Rogues were used to accent performances on the trailer ‘stage’ and to direct light onto the crowd. In each case they contributed to a concert vibe.
“Over the years the band/DJ trailers have been upgraded to deliver more concert-like looks,” said Jimmy Lo-A-Njoe of Massive Productions. “With truss lights and LED screens, we created more excitement. All our moving head fixtures were Rogues, for the simple reason that they are light, and very powerful.”
Another factor in selecting the Rogue fixtures was their efficiency. “Being on trailers we didn’t have a lot of energy to draw from,” said Lo-A-Njoe.

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