Larkin Poe play Blood Harmony
USA - Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the Georgia-born sisters, better known as the roots rock duo Larkin Poe have been touring in support of their sixth studio album, Blood Harmony. Tony Caporale of Infinitus Vox has been reflecting its richly textured music in light.
Caporale, joined by lighting director Alex Molinaro, has captured the deep emotional currents of Larkin Poe’s performance with a multi-faceted design that draws on the colour-mixing prowess the Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M and COLORado PXL Bar 16, which, like the rest of the lighting rig, were supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
Positioning six of the motorised strobes in a horseshoe configuration on the floor around the performers and arranging an equal number of the battens along the upstage deck, Caporale and his team created transformative colour scapes to reflect a wide range of emotions.
“We are definitely painting a more scenic look on this tour that can translate as day, or night, with saturated colours to establish a vibe,” said Caporale, who has lit Larkin Poe before. “Since my main intention was to create these night and day looks, I tried to stay in blue and orange family of palettes as much as possible. However, there are also times when we opt to do a complete 180 and take off to go with some psychedelic looks. A beautiful thing about Larkin Poe is that they are true to their core style, but at the same time are also able to take it in different directions.”
While Caporale designed the production and programmed the lighting, Molinaro is running the lightshow on the tour. Others contributing to this evocative show are Tommy Bradel was the graphic designer of the backdrop, Andrea Fraser the account rep of Sew What?, tour manager Ryan Westbrook, project manager Jason Workman, and Chris Shrom of 4Wall, along with Peter Leak and Anna Pearson of Red Light Management.
“We’re fortunate to be involved with such a wonderful group of people,” said Caporale.

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