Chauvet lights Night of Worship
Thursday, 29 July 2021
nightofworshipNight of Worship in Fort Lauderdale
USA - The Community Christian Church in Fort Lauderdale stood empty when Kevis Mulchan lit livestreamed services during the height of the pandemic. Nevertheless, he worked hard to create looks that gave worshippers a greater sense of “being in church” even though they were watching on a TV or computer screen.
The skills sharpened during this period came in handy recently, when Mulchan, the church’s visual arts director, lit Night of Worship, a hybrid live/livestreamed musical celebration featuring Community Christian Church’s worship team led by Craig Crynes.
In contrast to their work during the pandemic, when they didn’t have to concern themselves with a live audience, Mulchan and his team (technical director Kevin Gomez and video director Bill Kelly), had to create a show that came off well on camera, while also immersing those present at the church.
“Our entire team pushed themselves creatively to make this an enriching experience for the live and livestreamed audiences,” said Mulchan. “I wanted what was on camera to reflect what was in the room with camera angles and front light colour temperatures, as well as front light intensities and camera exposures.”
Helping Mulchan accomplish this was a collection of 14 COLORdash Battan Quad 12 RGBA linear wash lights and eight Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Arranged on a triangular structure that spanned the width of the center stage area, the batten fixtures provided a scenic focal point that drew livestream viewers and worshippers at the church into the event’s performances. While they were doing this, the fixtures also washed the stage in deep, vivid, camera-friendly colours.
“Our previous stage design had a large center screen,” said Mulchan. “We decided to shrink it down and go ‘lighting heavy’ in our center space. The triangle shape came out of what would look good based on the fixtures we had along with the rigging points/hardware that were available.”
Mulchan also relied on the colours created by his washes to convey different moods during the event. “Our colours varied by the feel of the song and honestly by what I was feeling as well,” he said. “I typically like deep, dark, saturated colours for ambient moments and bright, white, pastels for bigger moments. I do change up this methodology at times to keep things fresh.”
Making a major contribution to this multi-dimensional show were the rig’s Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures, which were arranged on the stage deck. Used for aerials, specials, side lighting and back lighting, the 440-watt LED light cannon contributed to some of the evening’s most dramatic moments.

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