Chauvet lights Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market
Friday, 20 December 2019
christmasmarket2The viaduct has become a symbol of the Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market
Germany - The Black Forest’s steep Ravenna Gorge hosts an annual Christmas Market.
Lending a magical quality to this event, and contributing to its visual appeal, is the 40m high railway viaduct that runs directly over the site. With its massive arches towering above vendor booths selling Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte and other holiday treats, the viaduct has become a symbol of the Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market.
Accentuating the viaduct’s majestic architectural features and enhancing its transformative effect on the market this year was an outdoor lighting design by Bächle Event & Media that featured 30 Chauvet Professional COLORado 1 Quad IP65 rated fixtures.
Positioned at the base of the viaduct’s arches, the RGBW fixtures were used to bathe the towering structure in an array of evocative colours. The colours that washed the viaduct were changed throughout the four-weekend event to create a variety of atmospheres that reflected different moods.
With its high output (1510 lux at 5m) and tight beam angle, the COLORado 1 Quad had the throw distance to cover high up on the viaduct. At times, however, light from the fixtures was focused for shorter distances to create different effects.
Bächle Event & Media’s Michael Thoma, who has been lighting the Ravenna Gorge Christmas market for over six consecutive years, noted that the colour rendering capability of the COLORado 1 Quad was only one of the reasons it was selected for this project. “The colourful illumination of the bridge was a big factor,” he says. “The other was the reliability and safety features of the fixtures. We used them for weeks without ever being let down.”
This reliability is especially important, according to Thoma, given the weather conditions in the Black Forest. “Anything is possible here - sun, rain, snow and temperatures from plus 15 Celsius down to minus 10 Celsius, so IP65 and reliability are essential,” Thoma continues. “Furthermore, I liked that the COLORados have no set cables attached to them, so I can choose my own cables. The 5-pole DMX is also very useful and of course the PowerCon TruOne availability is a big plus.”
Thoma programmed the lighting so it could be run by the staff on site. “We made it very easy for our client,” he concludes. “There are six buttons they can use to control every colour and illumination level.”
(Jim Evans)

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