Casual sophistication at the NBC pre-game party tent
USA - There were plenty of good reasons for the people at NBC to feel good about Super Bowl XLIX: the ratings were astronomical, advertising sales were record breaking and the company's onsite party directly across the street from the University of Phoenix Stadium was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to some inspired event planning by Angel City Designs and a stylish lighting rig by James Schipper of Kinetic Lighting.

Schipper called on a plethora of LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional to strike a visually pleasing sense of casual sophistication at the NBC pre-game party tent. With 800 VIP guests, including a good representation of on-air talent, this was definitely not your typical Sunday tailgating party. Yet, Schipper's design conveyed a relaxed retro atmosphere while still emphatically stating that this was indeed a very special event.

"I enjoyed this project a great deal, because we were able to do a lot of creative things to convey different moods," said the LD. "The overall design and decor had a quasi-retro style. This was represented in the furnishings, scenery, and the choice of pattern I projected onto the ceiling.

"Subtle and elegant ambient colours were very important to achieving this balance," continued Schipper. "The COLORado fixtures from Chauvet provided the colour rendering capabilities we needed in a project of this nature."

Schipper used 80 COLORado 1-Tri Tours, six COLORado 1-Quad Tours, and 20 COLORado Batten 72 Tour linear fixtures in his design. The Tri Tours were used for truss toning throughout the tented party. This included colorizing a large truss structure over the central bar, which served as a visual focal point for the party. The tantalizing lavenders and ambers that washed this area contributed mightily to the enchanted aura of the special event.

The COLORado 1-Quad Tour fixtures accented the central bar even further by washing it in unforgettable LED colours. "I chose the Quads specifically for the bar lighting because the white channel allowed me more colour options," said Schipper.

An element that distinguished the party were the retro scenic elements positioned throughout the tented area. Schipper illuminated these objects internally with COLORado 1-Tri Tours to give them a more animated look. He also used the COLORado Batten 72 Tour fixtures to uplight their facades.

All of the fixtures used in NBC party tent, except the Tri Tours and scenic lighting batten units were mounted on truss. Given the quick set up period for this special event party, the easy install features of the fixtures were very appreciated, according to Schipper.

"Everything always has to come together very quickly in a project like this," said the LD. "One of the pleasures of working with the event company Angel City Designs is that their projects are so well organized. We were proud of our lighting, but the magic really started with the work that Diane Mann, the event producer for Angel City Designs, did for this event. We couldn't have done this without her and without the work of our production electrician Asher Nelson."

Aside from being the driving force behind the party, Mann also was a fan of the lighting design. "Diane said how much she loved the colours, which made us feel good," said Schipper. As for Nelson, he had this to say, "When you do something like the Super Bowl, you want to bring your best effort. This is what James, Diane and the whole team did. Guests came here with their minds on the football game, but everyone noticed the party."

(Jim Evans)

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