The Aura Music & Arts Festival is one of the most mellow events on the music fest calendar
USA - Set in the pastoral 'Spirit of Suwannee Music Park' and featuring 15 different yoga and meditation sessions on topics ranging from breath work and mantras to the flow arts of hoop and poi, the Aura Music & Arts Festival is one of the most mellow events on the music fest calendar.

Organisers of the annual gathering, which began in 2010, wanted to convey this uplifting mood on stage. The Design Oasis team helped them do just that, in part by using the MVP 12 LED video panel and COLORado 1-Tri IP LED wash from Chauvet Professional to frame their performance stage with a lush variety of colours and ethereal images.

"We created a 12' by 6' overhanging LED video display at the front of the stage that angled down at a 45 degree angle, plus we used some added MVP 12s on the side," said Luccas Oliveira, co-owner of Design Oasis, one of south Florida's biggest 24/7 rental houses. "The MVP 12 panels had the pixel pitch (12.5mm) we needed to show video content that looked clear and crisp even to people in the front section of the audience."

Using a Resolume media server, Design Oasis programmed a variety of thematic visuals, live text and video content provided by the performing artists - a collection of jamband stars that included Lotus, Papadosio, Conspirator, The Werks and Dopapod, among others. The Tri- colour SMD 5050 LEDs of the MVP 12 delivered clear images of the diverse range of video content.

Design Oasis washed the Aura stage with a rainbow of colours from a collection of COLORado 1-Tri IP washes, a LED wash powered by 14 x 3-watt RGB LEDs. Featuring five dimming curves and advanced optics that eliminate colour shadows, the rugged fixture has an IP66 rating, making it well suited for outdoor use, an attribute that was important to Design Oasis and its client.

"Anytime you light an outdoor event, especially one that is scheduled to go for three days in Florida, you want to have fixtures with high IP ratings," said Abbas Ritscher, a partner in Design Oasis. "So aside from selecting the COLORado 1-Tri IP for its colour rendering qualities, we valued its IP rating and its ruggedness."

The MVP Panels were also workhorses; their 13% transparency and IP54 rating also making them ideal for the outdoor festival, according to Oliveira. "You really can't afford to have inconsistent or unreliable gear at a festival, especially one that's held in an out-of-the-way spot like Live Oaks (located 80 miles east of Tallahassee)," he said. "Festivals, especially one like AURA, are all about relaxing and letting go, so you really don't want people stressing out about the lights."

(Jim Evans)

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