Flogging Molly on the road
USA - Flogging Molly’s 21-city Road To Rebellion tour started 16 February at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and closed 17 March, St. Patrick’s Day, at the downtown Las Vegas Events Centre.
Keeping pace with all the hand clapping and sing-alongs is a colourful and lively Peter Therrien lightshow that features a 100-percent Chauvet Professional floor package supplied by JDI Productions.
“I do build a page for every song with Flogging, but nothing is timecoded, as it’s all about spontaneity and freshness,” said Therrien who ran his show on a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console. “As far as my colour selection goes, it’s based on the feeling I have for the band’s music. So, for instance, when I hear ‘Drunken Lullabies’ it’s always white. I’ve tried blue and amber in the past, but it just feels wrong. The colour choice has to be in the moment.”
Helping Therrien create this party rainbow are eight Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures, eight Color Strike M motorised strobe-washes, 14 Rogue R1 BeamWash units, 12 ÉPIX Bar Tour strips and one Ovation 2805FV batten. Adding brightness, geometric forms and audience lighting to the mix are 12 Nexus Aw 7x7 panels.
This rig was positioned on four 8ft I-stand truss structures, and two 5’ wheeled trusses. Therrien hung two Color Strike M units on the face of each tower. “I like to use the plates as a wash behind the band,” he explained. “Also, love the incredible plate effects for eye candy. I’ll also use the white tubes as a powerful hit effect during various parts of the set.”
Creating a continuous field of light during the show are the Maverick MK1 Spot fixture, two of which are positioned on each of the two wheeled trusses, while the remainder are arranged on the floor behind the drum riser. Therien credits these fixtures with enhancing the presence of his floor package. “Their gobos really add the atmosphere, and their output is very important” he said. “Their beam really makes the stage look massive.”
Therrien, who is also lighting the tour’s supporting act, Amigo The Devil, designed the rig so it can readily be resized to fit different venues. “The JDI team did a great job helping me prep the tour so we have a flexible and reliable rig as we play 21 cities in 31 days,” he said. “We’re also getting great cooperation from local stagehands. I adjust things every night because every venue is different.”

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