Tactical Nuclear Penguins hit Reggio Emilia
Italy - Indie group Pinguini Tattici Nuclear (Tactical Nuclear Penguins) played Reggio Emilia’s RCF Arena, Europe’s largest outdoor concert venue to a crowd of 80,000.
Supporting the pulsating, upbeat music of this six-member Italian pop band, which takes its name from a Scottish beer, was a vibrant light and video show by Ombra Design that featured 120 Chauvet Professional COLORado PXL Bar 16 motorised battens, imported by Zalight and serviced by Agora.
Designing for Pinguini Tattici Nuclear’s entire 11-date tour run, Ombra Design created looks that were as big and embracive as the music of the band itself. The two large IMAG walls to either side of the stage, and the immersive video display at its centre were joined visually by a smooth horizontally oriented lighting display that used vivid colours to set an emotionally engaging tone for the big audience.
Contributing to the cohesiveness of this design were the COLORado PXL Bar 16 fixtures, which ran across most of the stage, being installed on its edges, as well as on the catwalk. Additionally, four of the motorised battens were placed above the proscenium, to create particular geometric elements.
Ombra Design chose the COLORado PXL Bar 16 because of the fixture’s brightness. (The unites in this show were almost always dimmed, given their exuberant power.) Also influencing the decision to go with these fixtures was their IP65 protection they offer.
Video contributions are an important part of the Pinguini Tattici Nuclear concert, explained by Lorenzo De Pascalis, who served as the creative and show designer for the tour, and collaborated with project manager Giulio De Paoli, creative producer Giovanni Greco, TD James Narduzzo, art director Emanuele Kabu, and video programmer Andrea Voglino.

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