The Fuze Profile LED moving head is a key played in the upgrade
USA - One of five Christ Community campuses in the greater Chicago area, Christ Community’s St. Charles/South Elgin location recently received a key lighting and house lighting upgrade of Elation Professional Fuze Profile and Fuze Pendant fixtures. The new lighting system offers the church greater flexibility in creating lighting atmospheres while adding an immersive element to the worship experience. Additional benefits of the new system include savings on electricity.
The church sought assistance from JRLX, a Chicago-based firm specialising in systems integration and production and engaged Jason Reberski to devise a solution. Prior to the pandemic, Reberski had conversations with the church regarding upgrades to their house and key lighting, as well as new power controls. The church aimed to replace outdated infrastructure and equipment, while moving forward as a church.
According to Reberski, the church’s original key lighting system was both power hungry and limited. He subsequently specified the Fuze Profile LED moving head because of its RGBMA colour-mixing engine and myriad of features including animation, gobo wheels, framing shutters and high CRI in excess of 90.
Noah Kimmel, the production director at the St. Charles/South Elgin campus, worked with Reberski on the system. He comments: “The Fuze Profiles for key light have gone beyond being convenient for us to focus; they've allowed us at different times of the service to do different colours on the front line where one person is spot lit and the rest is washed in a colour.” He adds that they’ve also had success using the gobo wheels and that the fixture has “just generally been way more user friendly for volunteers”.
The Fuze Profile pairs nicely with Elation’s Fuze Pendant as they both use a similar colour spectrum engine, the only difference being the Fuze Profile houses an amber chip whereas the Fuze Pendant uses a white chip. The LED-based Fuze Pendant gives the church new house light possibilities with improved efficiency, greater power and colour-changing capability they didn’t previously have.
According to Noah, “the ability to change the colours of the house lights really allows us to eliminate that division between the stage and the house. The ability to create the room as one big wash of colour really makes it feel less of a performance and more of a worship environment where everybody is a part of one big action.”
Compared to the church’s old lighting system, the new Elation system uses fewer fixtures and runs at less than half the wattage. It’s a system that has not only enhanced and improved services: it provides cost and space savings as well. Noah adds: “Beyond the power savings we now have savings in consumables. We're no longer buying gels and lamps, and also benefit from the labour savings in not having to change those out.”

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