The Christie D12HD-HS and Christie D12WU-HS respectively deliver HD and WUXGA resolution in a compact chassis
UK/Netherlands - Christie has launched "the world's brightest 1DLP laser phosphor projector: the Christie HS Series" which, says the company, is not only the world's first 12,000 Lumen 1DLP laser phosphor projector but it also brings the industry amazing colour balance with a new proprietary solution, BoldColor Technology.

Featuring 'BoldColor Technology' for richer, more vivid colours, and a 3X colour wheel speed, the Christie D12HD-HS and Christie D12WU-HS respectively deliver HD and WUXGA resolution in a compact chassis that is the quietest 10,000+ lumens laser phosphor projector on the market.

Christie has developed BoldColor Technology that - through a combination of laser light source, optics, software - enables the HS Series produce excellent colours with exceptional colour balance. Building on the versatility of the H Series launched last year, the laser-phosphor HS Series is also extremely small, low profile, light and extremely quiet (a mere 40db). It's a package that makes the HS Series not just the most flexible 1DLP laser phosphor projector but brings the industry by far the most affordable laser phosphor projector at this brightness level.

Curtis Lingard, product manager, comments, "The HS Series is not just more affordable but considerably more affordable than other solid state options in the market. So on top of the long-term cost savings on maintenance with laser phosphor, we have here significant up-front savings if you need 12,000L brightness with low maintenance.

"The flexibility and low noise spec have also been very popular with clients," he continued, "I've had a lot of interest from higher education for larger classrooms, as well as corporate training, and location-based entertainment where demanding high usage without frequent bulb maintenance is appreciated. Houses of worship, where hard-to-get-to spaces such as a vaulted ceilings are quite common, also benefit from the HS Series with bright bold images with no need to keep accessing the projector to change lamps after the initial installation." As for the image, "I can easily say that the HS produces the best colour performance I have ever seen from a high brightness 1DLP projector," he concludes.

(Jim Evans)

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