Christie GS projectors power dome visuals
Thursday, 28 January 2021
bubbleThe Five Senses Bubble
China - Christie GS Series 1DLP laser projectors are delivering vivid and lifelike visuals in a new dome theatre located in Xiong’an New Area, a self-sufficient and sustainable city in Hebei province developed by the government to prioritize “green development and environmental protection”.
Known as the Five Senses Bubble, it has a diameter of 8.5m and a height of 6.3m and is constructed using air-film reinforced concrete, while its exterior is adorned with golden spirals to create artistic effects that represent the different senses.
Inside, the visuals are powered by five Christie DWU8902-GS 1DLP laser projectors fitted discreetly around the dome theatre to display highly immersive images measuring 3.2m height. The projectors are installed and commissioned by Zhongqing Yingye Group, which has been appointed the distributor of Christie’s 1DLP projection systems in 2020. The company has extensive experience in professional audio and visual systems integration.
A spokesperson for Zhongqing Yingye Group commented, “The Five Senses Bubble dome theatre is a structure that integrates technology with arts and culture to strengthen community bonds in this new city. We are pleased to be involved in the projection component of this project, and the Christie GS Series laser projectors have been our top choice since day one. Not only do they deliver stunning image quality, realistic colour reproduction and reliability, their quiet operation and small footprint also make them remain ‘invisible’ during the shows.”
The projected contents embody the themes of “life” and “harmony”, which evoke the senses and enable visitors to enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience. “It’s amazing how brilliant projections can create a brand new experiential space that generates excitement,” said the spokesperson, adding that the Christie DWU8902-GS projectors’ built-in warping, blending, and colour matching capabilities have resulted in a relatively smooth installation process.
“Our technicians had worked tirelessly in sub-zero temperatures to complete the projectors’ integration and calibration on schedule, and the end results speak for themselves. We are particularly pleased with the colour reproduction, thanks to Christie BoldColor Technology that displays bold and lifelike images at high brightness levels, giving rise to richer, more appealing visual content,” he explained.
Since its opening in early January 2021, the Five Senses Bubble has become a popular destination for locals and visitors who are keen to enjoy an immersive visual experience. One visitor remarked, “I’m completely mesmerized by the bright and colourful contents that seem to transport me to different environments – from floating snowflakes to soaring sky lanterns at night, to mysterious underwater worlds and the infinite boundaries of space. These rapidly changing worlds have created a highly realistic and entertaining experience.”
April Qin, director of sales, Enterprise, Christie China, commented, “Kudos to Guangzhou Zhaocheng Electronic Technology for completing this amazing dome installation with our tried-and-tested Christie GS Series, which is the go-to projection system that offers brilliant colour and premium image quality for high-usage environments. This is a great combination of technology and culture that provides a highly immersive visual experience for all visitors.”

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