City Theatrical Hexcel Louvers provide a sleek appearance when mounted on the lighting fixture
USA - City Theatrical now offers three standard beam control accessories designed to fit LDI Show 2023’s Lighting Award winner in the Fixtures Category, Martin Lighting’s MAC One, which include the MAC One Top Hat, MAC One Concentric Ring, and MAC One Hexcel Louver.
These three beam control accessories were developed based on City Theatrical’s understanding of the different accessory needs of lighting professionals, and the high demand for this moving light fixture in the market. Each new Martin MAC One beam control product offers control of stray beams and light spill.
City Theatrical’s engineers and craftspeople design and create beam shaping lighting accessories, like the new Martin MAC One Top Hat (P/N 2812), from their New Jersey-based factory. City Theatrical works with designers and manufacturers every day to develop new beam control products, and there are currently dozens of unique variations of City Theatrical Standard Top Hats available. Top Hats help prevent light spill from modern LED fixtures, which can extend nearly 180 degrees from the light source. Top Hats provide careful beam control for the Martin MAC One and many other moving light fixtures for entertainment projects.
City Theatrical Concentric Rings deliver 45° cutoff of light spill but from a shorter depth. When space is at a premium, such as on moving lights hung in a tight rig, using a Martin MAC One Concentric Ring (P/N 2810) would be a top choice for designers seeking beam control. Concentric Rings are also used to create a ‘Svoboda-like’ style on lighting fixtures that are in view of the audience.
Serving a similar beam control function to a City Theatrical Top Hat or Concentric Ring at a minimal depth, Martin MAC One Hexcel Louvers (P/N 2811) provide beam control and 45° cutoff of light spill. City Theatrical Hexcel Louvers use cells that are 3/8” x 3/8” x 3/8” deep and provide a sleek appearance when mounted on the lighting fixture.
City Theatrical currently offers 35 styles of beam control accessories for 17 different Martin Lighting moving light fixtures through their dealer network. Other new standard beam control accessories for Martin Lighting fixtures include the MAC Ultra Performance Concentric Ring (P/N 2800) and the MAC Ultra Performance Hexcel Louver (P/N 2801). City Theatrical can also create custom manufactured beam control accessories for end users of other Martin Lighting fixtures.
In addition to the MAC One, City Theatrical’s Multiverse Connect Module was launched at LDI Show 2023 and also won the Lighting Award this year, in the Controls Category. City Theatrical’s Wing Nut Socket was also launched at LDI 2023 and won the Widget Award.

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