Stromboli are set to play festival dates this summer in the Czech Republic, including Vysocina Fest in July (photo: Frantisek Ortmann)
Czech Republic - Often hailed as the 'Czech Pink Floyd', progressive rock legends Stromboli have played a special one-off sold out show at Prague's O2 Arena to celebrate their 30th anniversary, with lighting and set designer Radek Havlicek choosing to use an array of Clay Paky fixtures to complement his impressive volcano-themed set.

Havlicek, of design agency and rental operation Pink Panther, worked alongside his colleague Petr 'Panki' Volek to choose 50 x Clay Paky A.leda Wash K10, 20 x Sharpy, 12 x Alpha Beam 1500, 24 x Alpha Spot 1200 and 12 x Shotlight Wash fixtures for the vibrant and immersive design, which was centred upon a vast volcano set piece to represent the band's name.

"We rigged some of the Clay Paky fixtures on ringed trussing around the volcano," explains Havlicek. "We positioned 14 of the K10s, which we used for vibrant washes of colour, on the top ring and 20 Sharpys on the middle ring. The Sharpys were employed for their intense beams of light and aerial effects, coming out over the audience."

The 'volcano' was made from textile strips with a high reflection coating for optimised video projection and measured 16m in height and 30m in outer diameter. Havlicek rigged the Alpha Spot 1200s above it, with the 12 Shotlight Washes inside it to backlight the stunning projecton and the remaining Wash K10 and 12 Alpha Beam 1500s making up the sophisticated floor package.

"We made sure to use all the Clay Paky fixtures to their full potential," says Havlicek. "They worked in harmony with the video projection and really made the volcano come alive. They're also incredibly fast and respond to commands smoothly."

(Jim Evans)

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