Rhapsodya is a low-noise multi-spectral RGBAL LED fixture

Europe - Claypaky Rhapsodya is a low-noise multi-spectral RGBAL LED fixture designed for various applications such as touring, live events, theatre, and TV production, and managed by a specially crafted, internally developed firmware algorithm.

It is an evolution of Sinfonya, particularly regarding the focus on quality of optics and colour management, and the quiet operation even at full output. Rhapsodya has a new product design that is sleek and modern, with a double power output (24,000 lm) compared to Sinfonya.

Traditional fixtures utilized four focal planes, often leading to a loss of sharpness. Rhapsodya features a new approach with Accuframe, utilising two focal planes to achieve ‘a remarkable level of precision’.

Lineguard is a new frost system that features pairs of blades for superior uniformity and reduced unwanted reflections. This feature creates a more pleasing audience experience and guarantees a much smoother and softer entrance of the filters.

Rhapsodya’s Absolute Position feature, for advanced PAN & TILT control, remembers fixture positions in real time, allowing for precision re-positioning with no distracting movement during hard resets. This enhances the precision of re-positioning and saves time since the time for refocusing before the show is always limited.

Tonedown ensures an ‘unprecedented’ level of quiet on stage, with noise levels as low as 27dB, allowing for a truly immersive experience.

Rhapsodya incorporates AccuTune, Claypaky’s in-house firmware algorithm, ensures precise control over the multicolour LED engine.

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