Daka Azulay chose a large complement of Claypaky fixtures for his design
Luxembourg - After an absence of 31 years, Luxembourg marked its return to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 by staging the precursor Luxembourg Song Contest event, organised and broadcast by RTL and featuring Claypaky lighting fixtures.
Prior to 1993, Luxembourg had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 37 times, winning on five occasions. But after a poor showing in 1993, Luxembourg was disqualified from competing the following year then opted out of the event until the announcement of the country’s return last year. The national entry for Eurovision’s 2024 competition was to be selected through a televised final.
The final round show and the concluding super final, narrowed down to just three contestants, were held 27 January at the Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. The show was broadcast on RTL Tele Letzeburg, as well as on the broadcaster's radio stations, RTL Radio Luxembourg and Radio Today, and several online platforms.
Creating the Luxembourg Song Contest proved to be an international effort with Zagreb, Croatia-based Ivas Group producing the show for RTL, providing a turnkey solution with lights, video, audio, trusses, hoists and the entire production crew. Daka Azulay, from Lightvision Lighting Design in Tel Aviv, served as the lighting designer.
Azulay chose a large complement of Claypaky fixtures for his design, which enhanced the visual impact of the show for eager fans happy to see Luxembourg back in the famed Eurovision competition. The rig boasted 205 compact, lightweight Claypaky Sharpy X Frame multi-function luminaires, 80 of them provided by Ivas Group with the balance from Belgium-based AED Group’s rental division. Also playing key roles were 48 Midi-B LED wash-beam lights and 40 compact Mini-B LED beam lights.
“The show was a total success,” reports Ivas Group CEO Lovro Ivas. The song Fighter, performed by Tali, was declared the winner and will go on to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmo, Sweden in May.

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