Francesco Romagnoli (Claypaky), Craig Singer (ICD), Marcus Graser (Claypaky), Gary Mass (ICD), Noel Duncan (ICD) and Alberico D'Amato (Claypaky)
USA - Claypaky and Inner Circle Distribution (ICD) have announced a strategic partnership effective 15 June 2023.
This partnership “pledges to invigorate the industry with a fresh perspective while preserving the high level of customer service and support that clients value. ICD's emphasis on dependable service, a robust dealer network, and strong customer relationships aligns perfectly with Claypaky's innovative vision”.
"We are delighted to partner with ICD, a company that shares our dedication to innovation and superior service," shared Marcus Graser, CEO of Claypaky. "This alliance underscores our commitment to advancing lighting technology while safeguarding the dependable operations our customers rely on."
Graser further adds: "In times of change, continuity is crucial. As such, George Masek, Claypaky's strategic marketing manager, will remain a key part of our team. George's deep product knowledge and strong client relationships will ensure a smooth transition, supporting all our customers consistently during this exciting evolution."
"This collaboration with Claypaky signals a transformative phase where the lighting industry is as dynamic as it is reliable," states Ole Kaack, CEO of ICD. "Our talented team is ready to elevate the Claypaky brand on a global scale, aiming to exceed customer expectations in terms of service and support."

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