The winning installation was designed by the artists Eylül Aslan, Sola Thoma and Frederic Hanen
Germany - The new Claypaky SharBar and other Claypaky products were used by a trio of young artists at the annual artistic lighting awards LiO (Light is Osram) Awards 2017 in their winning installation The 5th Dimension, hosted at Munich's historic event space, the Praterinsel, by German lighting manufacturer Osram.
The winning installation was designed by the artists Eylül Aslan, Sola Thoma and Frederic Hanen to explore the spatial interplay of light and dark. The artists used the SharBar in conjunction with the Claypaky Show-Batten 100 and architectural lighting product the Claypaky Odeon Flood to construct an immersive light show described by judging light artist Ingo Maurer as a "fascinating personal experience".
"The 5th Dimension installation created a series of emerging walls and columns of light that appear to create a 'fifth dimension', making light seem tangible," explains Christina Schmöe, head of internal communications & group sustainability at Osram. "The SharBar was used to construct a curtain of light at the entrance to the artwork. The fixture projected a bi-colour wall of light that, using the fixtures advanced tilt capabilities, extended transversely across the installation."
The new SharBar has an exceptional 240 degrees motorised tilt, while the six light beams can move independently of each other, adding a further flexibility to the product and allowing for versatile creative use. The beams can be locked within 60-degrees (+/-30 degree) cone, enabling the fixture to be utilised as six separate sources.
Alongside the SharBar Aslan, Thoma and Hanen also installed Claypaky's wash batten light the Show-Batten 100 to create a solid wall of light at the heart of the installation and the architectural lighting product Odeon Flood to create a light-well.
Commenting on the selection of Claypaky fixtures, Gerhard Mair, project manager at Osram, says: "For the art-work we needed powerful RGB-LED fixtures to implement the concept of the students. After some tests we saw that the Claypaky products were the best solution regarding light output, colour intensity, beam angle and programming."
To engage and welcome guests to the event, Osram created a dynamic light show outside the venue on Munich's Prater island. Forty Claypaky Sharpy, 15 Claypaky Sharpy Wash 330, 2 A.leda B-EYE K20 and a Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10 were specified.
The LiO light-art Awards, presented by Osram in partnership with a college or university, has been running since 2013. The 2016 event saw 100 entrants, more than double the previous year. This year, three concepts were awarded second place by the panel of judges: Plankton by Kilian Schellenberger, Light Barrel by Lena Allers, Arabella Becker and Antonia Lembcke, and Vibrant Flow by Alina Stoerzinger.
(Jim Evans)

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