Iraqi superstar Kadim Al Sahir played Amman Exhibition Park
Jordan - Tritec AV Amman Jordan, a leading creative technical AV production company in the region, recently embarked on a restructuring programme, which included significant investments in new lighting products from Claypaky.
The company purchased 40 Claypaky Xtylos, 42 Mini Xtylos HPE, 12 Skylos and 100 Mini B Aqua fixtures. They were quickly put to use on a number of projects, including a concert by Iraqi superstar Kadim Al Sahir on 13 July in Amman Exhibition Park. Al Sahir is one of the Arab world’s most popular and successful singers; he has also collaborated with western artists Sarah Brightman and Lenny Kravitz.
“The event was challenging since the artist is generally considered classical but still comes across as energetic and lively,” says Marwan R. Abujaber, CEO of Tritec AV. “So we focused on depth and dimension using soft washes with an emphasis on the artist. Volumetric beam effects within the stage were used carefully but effectively depending on the music being performed at the moment.”
He explains, “I felt that this show needed a larger panoramic presentation than pop music setups. Kadim Al Sahir is an epic artist, so we needed an epic look, extending the stage with the new Skylos hard left and hard right of the PA wings [giving] a wonderful and powerful moon flower effect.”
Abujaber positioned the Mini Xytlos directly at downstage centre above the artist for a crystal chandelier effect. The Xytlos were distributed around the rig in two midstage and upstage semi-circles.
“The Claypaky fixtures were fantastic straight out of the box,” he reports. “We had a wonderful and easy time using them. All the new Claypaky fixtures excel in output and colour quality. The Xytlos and Mini Xytlos are powerful with pleasing, vibrant colours.”
Abujaber calls the support received from Claypaky “immeasurable” and says, “It is a joy to work with products that are rooted in design, quality and innovation. That is the Claypaky heritage.”
Tritec AV will next demo Claypaky Arolla Aqua and Tambora Flash fixtures for possible addition to the company’s inventory.
“We have been very pleased with the introduction of our Claypaky fixtures, which have definitely elevated our output of high-end productions and our position in Jordan and the region,” Abujaber declares.

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