Clean Bandit play Amman with KV2 Audio
Tuesday, 16 July 2019
clean-bandit1Over 4,000 fans attended the concert produced by Zeej Entertainment
Jordan - British electro-pop classical crossover band Clean Bandit recently played their first ever concert in the Jordanian capital of Amman at the luxurious Boulevard in the new Abdali district. Amman-based live event production specialists, Triad Live Productions, supplied the PA, control and lighting requirements for the gig including a comprehensive KV2 Audio point source sound system.
Over 4,000 fans attended the concert produced by Zeej Entertainment, a young, ambitious company committed to developing Jordan’s cultural scene by organising and promoting concerts and festivals locally.
Triad supplied one VHD2.0 high performance mid-high cabinet paired with one VHD1.0 down-fill per side. Two ES1.0s per side handled side-fill with six EX12s for front fill. For the low-end frequencies, Triad supplied eight VHD4.18 subs and a further four VHD2.16 flown subs.
Triad’s Amjad Marar is a long-time point source system user and feels that they are a more flexible way to power large-scale events than line array systems. “We used to use line arrays like everyone else, as at the time, it was considered to be the only way to successfully power major concerts. The switch to point source for us came after we heard a demo of KV2’s VHD system at Prolight+Sound in 2007.
“From that moment on, we felt that KV2 had successfully busted the line array myth. It was enough to make us abandon line arrays completely in favour of point source systems, and we’ve used them to power almost all of the major concerts held in Jordan ever since - Akon, Yanni, Tom Jones, the Jerash Festival and much more.
“Clean Bandit, with local artist Jaafar as the opening act, was no exception,” continues Mr Marar. “The gig sounded great - very dynamic, crystal-clear and with plenty of headroom to spare. We had lots of positive comments about the sound from both the crew and audience members, so as usual, it was a job well done.”
(Jim Evans)

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