The technology behind Microsoft Ignite
USA - ATK Audiotek, a Clair Global Brand, demonstrated the versatility of the Cohesion catalogue at Microsoft Ignite 2023, the tech giant’s annual demonstration of new products and solutions, held in Seattle. The deployed Cohesion products emphasised their unmistakable clarity for thousands of eager developers and partners at the Keynote Stage and the IP (Interstitial Programming) Theatre Stage during the corporate event.
Andrew Waterman, Microsoft’s account manager for ATK Audiotek, explained that Microsoft’s top goals at any conference are “to be able to see what presenters are talking about, but more importantly, to hear them clearly”.
Waterman first heard Cohesion’s products during a demonstration two years prior, and they jumped to mind immediately for their clarity. The 45-year veteran front of house mixer was impressed enough to design for Ignite a system that relies on Cohesion’s trademark flexibility and precision.
“Cohesion is easy to rig, easy to fly, and sounds great,” said Waterman. “The EQ I have to do is minimal. I’m totally all in on Cohesion.”
While Cohesion products established their popularity and trustworthiness as the most preferred systems on international, top-grossing tours, they are quickly proving to be chosen for corporate, broadcast, and other aspirational professional applications.
The system at the Keynote Stage included 12 arrays of CO10 line arrays utilising both 120° and 80° directivities to ensure each of the 4,500-plus eager attendees were enveloped by crystal-clear sound.
Waterman said, “When you have a guy on stage with a lavalier the size of a pinhead speaking to more than 4,000 people, it’s really important the speaker system works flawlessly. In my experience with Cohesion, it’s engulfing, it’s controllable, it’s seamless.”
Eight CP6+ self-powered point source loudspeakers, hidden artfully within the recess of a purpose-built three-foot ‘moat’ shelf in front of the Keynote Stage, provided front-fill, while a ninth CP6+ directed sound toward a cluster of seats on the side.
Six CP218 II+ subwoofers were deployed in a cardioid arrangement to provide immense low frequency power with impressive control. Notably, they pulsed in a “sonic heartbeat” on each of the three days of Ignite to signal that a keynote speech was about to begin.
Upstairs on the fifth floor of the convention centre, Microsoft held their IP Theatre Stage to broadcast a continuous live programme featuring a variety of hosts, guests, and live demonstrations. The CP6+ was selected to provide the entire PA system.
This year’s conference topics focused on the latest AI innovations, including increased applications for Microsoft Copilot and Azure AI Studio. The Cohesion system distinctly communicated these features to the gathered thousands (and many more watching on live broadcast).

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