USA - - At InfoComm 2015, Barco will demonstrate how its industry-leading solutions deliver "dynamic, visual spectaculars and real-time collaboration to drive business success". Emphasizing technologies built for high impact and low total cost of ownership, Barco's projection and image processing, wireless collaboration, LED video wall, video wall and enterprise networking solutions empower companies to connect their worlds, both inside and out, by enhancing connectivity across the enterprise and around the globe, says the company.

In Booth 2529, visitors will interact with a wide array of Barco's solutions designed deliver "a heightened visual and collaboration experience".

Barco corporate solutions unlock the knowledge of an organization by connecting people and information in the most intuitive way. ClickShare empowers content sharing with a click of a button, now featuring AirPlay capability to enable full mirroring of iOS devices across the entire ClickShare product family. The new NRC-200 interactive collaboration platform empowers knowledge-sharing in meeting rooms and classrooms, providing an easy-to-use interface to organize multiple content sources on the main display. Integrated with Barco business projectors and high-resolution video walls, these solutions enrich collaboration to speed better decision-making in, and beyond, the connected enterprise.

Barco's 4K Event Master Series screen management systems empower event producers with enhanced creativity and control for producing visually stunning live events, while maintaining pixel-perfect details. Our brand new XHD-400 media server is an end-to-end visualization and workflow solution that automates projection mapping from design to operation, emphasizing ease of use.

Barco's larger-than-life digital signage solutions feature bi-directional commercial communication with maximized relevance to target audiences, offering superior performance and reliability. Touch technology, cameras for audience measurement and gesture control, NFC, WiFi and compatibility with social media and mobile devices enable real-time connectivity with audiences.

Control room users can reap the benefits of an all-in-one Barco system built around the OverView LCD video wall, industry-leading OL rear-projection video wall or fully seamless OSV video wall, together with control-room centric collaboration software and networked rendering solutions.

Barco's HTML5-based software platform allows users to create real-time, customized channels combining TV-quality graphics, animations, video, social media and live data in "a visually stunning format".

"Barco is transforming the way people present and share information and ideas across the enterprise and around the world," comments Wim Buyens, senior vice president & general manager, entertainment & corporate for Barco. "Our high-quality visualization, real-time video processing and collaboration technologies emphasize seamless connectivity among the solutions themselves and with audiences - whether for a live performance, a crisis management room in an ECC, or an interactive university classroom - to deliver a richer, more meaningful experience."

(Jim Evans)

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