Every night is Friday night with Eric Paslay
USA - When lighting designer Mike Marcario got the call to work on up-and-coming country star Eric Paslay's Make Every Night A Friday Night Tour he was told his rig and programming needed to meet two requirements: it had to be versatile enough to work in a variety of venues, and it had to have the punch to stand out in daylight for some of the tour's outdoor stops. Bearing this dual dictum in mind and appreciative of the redheaded bearded Texan's passionate musical style, Marcario knew that he needed to have a rig that was fast, powerful and capable of quick dimming and colour changes. Epix Strip 2.0 units from Chauvet Professional fit his plan perfectly.

"The Chauvet ÉPIX Strips, paired with software from ArKaos, were especially helpful to me because of their many features and the flexibility they gave me. If I needed a solid, saturated colour or a bunch of movement, the Epix kept up with the rest of my rig without flinching," said the LD, whose Elite Multimedia supplied rig, included 20 of the colour changing LED strips in addition to a variety of movers and washes. "I wanted to make each song have a unique 'flavour'. Eric's writing style is all over the map and all of his songs sound so different, so I wanted to choose colour combinations, focuses, and effects that reflected that. The ÉPIX were a big help in that regard."

Marcario wasn't thinking of using the strips until he was introduced to them by David Venus of Elite Multimedia. "I had never used the strips before this gig. I also didn't have a whole lot of experience with ArKaos, so I didn't know what to expect," he said.

"However that quickly changed once I started bumping through my cues at rehearsals. The strips in essence tied the entire rig together as they were placed in all the gaps of our set carts and pipe/base. Whenever I needed to accent a drum hit with solid intensity and colour, create slow movement for a ballad, or do a sweep of colour across the entire rig, the Epix Strips performed like champs. Paired with a media server, they were a solid choice to get big looks quickly."

(Jim Evans)

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