Saint-Jean-d'Angély played host to the FIM Motocross Word Championship France Grand Prix
France - In early June the peaceful, well-preserved medieval town of Saint-Jean-d'Angély in France and its iconic racetrack - a fast hillside circuit made even more exciting by changing soil conditions - played host to the FIM Motocross Word Championship France Grand Prix. This premier motocross racing event draws in huge crowds and D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems were on hand to provide robust, crystal-clear sound for the thousands of professionals and fans who descended on Saint-Jean-d'Angély for the MX1 and MX2 category races.

Full-range event organizer and show producer Carrement Prod was called in to design and rig the sound system for this massive event. Carrement Prod is a long-time partner of Axente, exclusive D.A.S. Audio distributor in France, and has grown to become one of the leading entertainment companies in the country with over 30 events in 2014 alone.

The Carrement Prod sound technicians faced a series of challenges at the Saint-Jean-d'Angély track: not only did they have to provide even sound coverage to ensure that the thousands of spectators enjoyed the same sound experience but the systems had to be powerful enough to also ensure perfect word intelligibility when the PA was handed over to the presenters.

Led by CEO Stéphane Constant the Carrement Prod sound crew opted to deploy 24 powered, two-way Aero 28A line array systems. These modules, designed specifically for multi-box arrays with incorporated rigging hardware to streamline set-up, were hung in two arrays of 12 systems each to provide the widest coverage possible. Twelve Aero subs, including four high-performance LX-218A subwoofers for a low frequency boost, were also brought in to provide power to these robust systems and were groundstacked to ensure superb coverage as well as excellent sound pressure.

The sound technicians rounded out the system with D.A.S. Audio DSP-2040 signal processors and Road 15A stage monitors for added sound control. Constant was confident that the D.A.S. systems would provide optimal sound for the Motocross World Championship races. "All of our sound systems are from D.A.S. It is a brand that meets our technical requirements and satisfies our customers. At this event the sound pressure and intelligibility of these systems allowed us to clearly and audibly broadcast the presenter's comments."

(Jim Evans)

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