‘The D series amplifiers provide high-end sound reinforcement for installation and touring use’
USA - Danley Sound Labs has announced the availability of a new line of amplifiers for dealers and customers. In addition to its popular DNA series amplifiers, the D series amplifiers provide high-end sound reinforcement for installation and touring use.
“At Danley, we’re always looking for new technologies and ways to allow for innovation in sound,” said Skip Welch, director of sales & marketing at Danley Sound Labs. “In addition to our DNA series amplifiers, the new D series line offers a new option for our dealers and customers that features a very powerful digital signal processing (DSP) suite and a number of power options to make this amplifier series a very useful tool.”
The Danley D series amplifiers feature a powerful Class-D power stage that delivers ‘high output power, high efficiency and low heat generation’. The D series provides processing features such as FIR filtering, dynamic EQ, and Dante networking (optional) all working alongside a DSP architecture including four local plus four auxiliary DSP channels (also supplied to the network) meaning a single Delta DSP amplifier can control a stereo 4-way system with no external processing.
Additionally, all D series amplifiers feature advanced protection circuitry that ensures the safety of the equipment and speakers including over-current protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and a soft-start function to minimize the inrush current.
“While the nature of sound doesn’t change, the way in which we can help deliver sound does,” said Mike Hedden, chief steward in charge at Danley Sound Labs. “We want to continually meet the demand of our customers while also providing new innovative options to meet those demands. Not only does the D series amplifier line do that now, but additional technological features in the works for these products will certainly add value.”

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