Christmas with Dave Dave Koz & Friends
USA - Dave Koz, the chart-topping saxophonist kept the holiday tradition alive with his Dave Koz & Friends Christmas Tour. Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the tour’s 25th anniversary, where Rick Braun, Peter White, Keiko Matsui and Rebecca Jade joined Koz for an evening of holiday music and memories.
“This is an incredible outfit full of wonderful people,” said Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden. “I believe we just completed our tenth year of Mr. Koz and company coming to our programming and rehearsal studio Venue One and it seems much like old friends coming together once a year to share company. I cannot say enough about Brian and Josh Foisy who share production management positions and of course any time Chris Lisle comes into play you can be assured of a wonderful environment and beautiful lighting.”
Chris Lisle designed the lighting for show, utilising Elation Proteus Rayzors, Elation Smarty Hybrids, GLP X4S and Martin Sceptron VDO fixtures. Working with lighting director Terese Fensler, pivoted back to the Smarty Hybrids during programming, noting their zoom, brightness and hardy road life exterior.
While some may think a Christmas production leads to rocking around the Christmas tree ad nauseum, Lisle and Fensler made sure to tailor the show’s lighting to each performance, Christmas trees and all.
“Chris and I really love how much energy and enthusiasm Dave has put into his show,” explained Fensler. “We wanted to acknowledge all of those moments the musicians brought: from a quiet lingering sax note to a drum solo that brought the house down.”
An example of crafting the lighting around the performance can be seen in Rebecca Jade and Keiko Matsui’s rendition of Greensleeves, where Fensler swapped her initial lighting look for a more impactful spectrum.
“No front light,” she explained. “Greens and blues pinpointing the women and bold hits on a mostly dark stage for those big moments. It ends in a freeze frame of men and Rebecca in a silhouette.”
The result is a show that is both steeped in the nostalgia and joy of Christmas, but varies enough to keep audiences coming back year after year for a new show.

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