Lighting designer Milind Shrivastava
India - Lighting designer Milind Shrivastava has invested in a grandMA3 from MA Lighting, supplied by Hi-Tech Audio & Image, India distributor for MA Lighting.
One of the veteran lighting designers of New Delhi, Milind Shrivastava has been working with theatre, dance, ballet shows, government events, music festivals, and various genres of events for three decades. His work as a lighting designer was recognised by the Government of India which awarded him the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2009 for Best Lighting Designer. In 2022 he was also felicitated by the Astad Deboo Award.
Throughout his journey, Milind has been an avid user of grandMA3 console. He shares: “The grandMA3 compact XT light provides the perfect combination of power and physical size. It is suitable for all but the most demanding productions, making it probably the most versatile lighting console available. There are more display screens, dual encoders, themed screen looks, LED lined faders, executors and knobs, 250,000 DMX parameters on one desk, new palette attributes, triple the number of executor buttons, and the addition of encoder knobs. MA3 Lighting console has some special shortcuts that help in operating the board there are groups, predefined phasers, 3D maps and all of this makes my work faster and more efficient. The entire console defines the meaning of smart professional lighting control.”
Milind has highly appreciated the supply support provided for the console by Hi-Tech Audio & Image. CEO-founder of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, Rajan Gupta helped the client in deciding on the compact XT light console as he was well-acquainted with Milind’s professional skills.
Talking about MA Lighting in general, Rajan Gupta said: “grandMA3 consoles are popular among lighting designers and have been used for some of the top-notch live shows in India. All the grandMA3 range of consoles are ergonomic in design and work for a wide range of programs from corporate events to music concerts to complex theatre productions. MA Lighting has also taken the initiative to educate lighting designers via online courses at MA University. Such courses give users the confidence to learn more about grandMA3 consoles with ease.”
“We are happy to deliver the grandMA3 compact XT light console to Milind Shrivastava. Experienced lighting designers preferring grandMA3 console for their inventory is a positive outcome of our sales and marketing efforts. We are all geared up for 2024 and with MA Lighting we are ever-ready to be in the spotlight”, concludes Nirdosh Aggarwal, managing director, of Hi-Tech Audio & Image.

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