is a production company that delivers a complete service for live corporate and entertainment events
Switzerland - 2014 marks the sixth year that DiGiCo has sponsored the Montreux Jazz festival, supplying a wide selection of mixing consoles to all of the event's main venues. Just the place, then, for a Swiss audio company to invest in a new DiGiCo desk.

Based in Elsau-Räterschen, is a production company that delivers a complete service for live corporate and entertainment events. The company has used DiGiCo's smaller consoles since 2010 but, with one eye on next year's festival season, felt it was the right time to invest in a major Front of House system.

"We have invested in our new flagship DiGiCo SD5, as well as being the first company in Switzerland to purchase a JBL VTX V20 line array. Together they mean we are very well equipped for both touring shows and the summer festival season," says Cyril Schmuki, audio/sales engineer at

"We think the SD range offers the best value for the money in the whole market. The features they offer are excellent and the workflow makes all of them fun to use."

The company chose the SD5, purchased via DiGiCo's Swiss distributor Tonspur AG, because it has all the SD features they like, and its size and ergonomics make mixing any kind of show very straightforward.

"With the SD5, DiGiCo has united all of the cool features from the SD7, SD9 and SD10 in a size that perfectly fits our company profile," says Cyril. "Because we have used the smaller DiGiCo consoles for quite a while, it was really easy to start working with the SD5. And it has proved really easy to use - I'd say it's even simpler to ride a show with the SD5."

The new console was first used as the monitor desk in Montreux's Stravinski Hall, with its local debut at a festival featuring big bands, an event well suited to the SD5's high input channel count.

"The number of inputs and the immediate overview of all the channels is awesome," says Cyril. "The tactile response of turning the knobs is lovely. Plus of course it sounds brilliant and, with the Waves SoundGrid server, it makes you even more creative as a sound engineer."

(Jim Evans)

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