FOH engineer Nathan Kennedy and monitor engineer Michael Fitzsimons utilised a DiGiCo SD10 and Quantum 225 respectively
UK - After the release of her sophomore album The Good Witch in June this year, Maisie Peters, a British artist and songwriter signed with Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records, embarked on a tour to support her album. She has recently completed the latest UK leg, with further dates across Europe and Australia scheduled for 2024.
FOH engineer Nathan Kennedy and monitor engineer Michael ‘Fitz’ Fitzsimons, both seasoned DiGiCo users, utilised a DiGiCo SD10 and DiGiCo Quantum 225 respectively, benefitting from what Kennedy describes as “natural and uncoloured sound”, while Fitzsimons highlights the console's customisable programming, which he believes surpasses any other console manufacturer in the industry.
Kennedy started using DiGiCo consoles in 2012, and says the workflow immediately resonated with him, stating, “What goes in, comes out exactly as you've filtered it”.
“DiGiCo is always my first-choice console, and I truly appreciate their natural and uncoloured sound,” he adds. “During Maisie's first year, I used an SD10. For the US and UK tour, I switched to the Quantum 225 as I wanted to explore the Spice Rack and Mustard Processing. The Chilli 6 significantly enhances Maisie's vocals and does precisely what it’s designed for. I apply Mustard compression to my drum groups, which makes the toms, kick, and snare pop a lot more than they did.”
A DiGiCo user of eight years, Fitzsimons, highlights that he has deployed DiGiCo consoles across a multitude of acts, from Cradle of Filth to Eric Clapton, and for the past year has been using DiGiCo for monitoring Maisie Peters, during which time they have rarely had a break. “It’s an incredibly busy gig. We’ve just wrapped up a gruelling 110-day run across the USA, Canada, Japan, and the UK/Ireland, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!” he says.
Fitzsimons notes that he has toured with most extensively with SD7 and SD10 consoles and continues with an SD10 for Maisie’s tour.

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