Lorenzo Sassi (DirectOut), Krzysztof Kowalewski (Commercial Audio) and Jan Ehrlich (DirectOut)

Poland - DirectOut has announced that Commercial Audio is now its exclusive distributor in Poland.

“We are delighted to welcome Commercial Audio as our new distribution partner in Poland,” says Jan Ehrlich, managing director of DirectOut. “Their extensive industry knowledge and commitment to the highest quality and excellent customer service makes them the perfect partner for DirectOut. Together we want to offer our Polish customers the best audio solutions.”

Commercial Audio has established itself as a reliable partner in the professional audio industry and already provides exclusive distribution services for well-known brands such as Amadeus Active Acoustics, Solid State Logic, ATC Loudspeakers, Bose Professional, Clear-Com, Marian Audio and Harrison Audio. The company is known for its expertise in the implementation of audio signal infrastructures as well as in the provision of sound systems, which range from large stadium and concert systems to installation or portable sound systems.

"We are impressed by the professionalism and commitment that DirectOut brings to every project," says Krzysztof Kowalewski from Commercial Audio. "Their ability to deliver customised electroacoustic and acoustic designs tailored to the individual needs and expectations of clients fits perfectly with our philosophy at Commercial Audio."

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