Discovery Channel filming Mojo Barriers at Pinkpop
The Netherlands - Crowd safety barrier specialists Mojo Barriers will feature on Discovery Channel's flagship How do they do it? documentary, this Friday, 13 February.

The documentary explains how Mojo Barriers' patented stage barrier system is made, and the important role it plays at some of the world's largest and most well known events.

Jasper Caldenhoven Mojo Barriers' project manager supported the filming production process with WAG TV, ensuring that the film crew captured the exclusive content, from the manufacturing of barriers, to their installation and use at the Netherlands' oldest festival Pinkpop.

Jasper comments, "The documentary gives a great insight into our world: it follows every step of Mojo Barriers' procedures including the manufacturing process, which saw us filming at four different factories. We then filmed the rigorous testing systems back at our warehouse, the logistical and planning processes and finally, how we use the barriers out on site.

"Pinkpop was the perfect festival for this where we helped to keep 70,000 attendees safe, as the festival celebrated its 45th year and the biggest line up in its history. Over 1,100m of barriers were installed across the site and 485m on the main stage alone, carefully designed and configured for optimum audience, crew and artist safety."

How do they do it? is one of the Discovery Channel's flagship programmes and is aired in over 220 countries worldwide.

(Jim Evans)

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