DisplayMapper enables clients to transform existing content into 3D displays that can be viewed in daylight
UK - DisplayMapper, a division of Projection Artworks has announced its fully daylight-visible retail solution. By creating retail sector applications using daylight visible 3D video-mapped projections onto and around products, whether built within FSDUs or as permanent installations, DisplayMapper will enhance products and ignite promotional messages, says the company.

Launching in July, the new division's retail display technology system uses bespoke cloud-based software controlled from a central network, which allows clients to develop and automatically deliver their own content to hundreds of daylight visible projections all controlled centrally. In-store equipment is low cost, industry standard and easy to use and maintain.

Major developments in the small-scale projector market have resulted in devices offering exceptional brightness. The DisplayMapper team has harnessed this new technology and combined it with its own expertise in innovative design, mirrors, and specialist lenses to offer" jaw-dropping solutions".

"DisplayMapper enables clients to transform existing content into amazing 3D displays that can be viewed in daylight," explains Tom Burch, managing director of DisplayMapper and Projection Artworks. "3D video mapping is undoubtedly more engaging than conventional screens, but until now have been cost prohibitive in retail. DisplayMapper solves the technical challenges and content creation costs can be amortised across 100s of sites. DisplayMapper allows a whole new generation of POS displays to be born."

(Jim Evans)

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