DWR SOS Charity and SILV sponsor Vegas training
Wednesday, 16 August 2017
josias-feeling-elecric-2Malesela Josias Mashiane at the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas (SILV)
South Africa - An energised and confident Malesela Josias Mashiane returned to South Africa after attending training at the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas (SILV). His journey abroad was made possible thanks to sponsorship from the SILV and the SOS Charity Fund, a DWR Distribution initiative.
To further expand his knowledge and for him to gain hands on experience, SILV extended an offer to Josias to participate in the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas 2017 programme. He had already achieved good results in the 2016 SILV, and this year was admitted to the Track 2 Advanced Level which covered Movers, Media and Rock ‘n’ Roll!
When Josias was asked what was the greatest thing he learnt, he answered that he found all the courses so interesting. He conceded that he gained so much like the correct process of ordering items from hiring companies, learning the importance of Health & Safety, understanding the importance of preparation work from obtaining correct permits to accurate paperwork.
A special weekend class which focused on tech management covered all aspects of management, budgeting, taxes and the importance of working within a budget.
Josias thoroughly enjoyed the role of a lighting designer. “It is important to have a concise picture in your mind, to communicate your vision precisely to all technicians involved, ensuring that all check and balances are put in place so that the programmers are able to follow instructions handed to them and then implement exactly how the stage should be lit,” he said.
On the Rigging programme, they were taught the correct procedure on how to carry out maintenance on the CM hoists and the importance of working safely in the field. Also covered was the most commonly used rigging equipment in the entertainment industry and the importance of working within the parameters of safety regulations associated with the use of all rigging equipment. Students were given hands on experience in splicing steel wire rope and then testing the splice beyond its breaking strength.
Lighting Technology covered everything from electricity, traditional and dmx cabling, repair and maintenance of traditional fixtures, console technology, and repair and maintenance of LED and moving light fixtures.
(Jim Evans)

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