Dave Whitehouse from DWR with Andre Roussouw from SABC TV Outside Broadcasts
South Africa - SABC TV Outside Broadcasts has invested in an Avolites Quartz console, part of the Titan Mobile Family, and a Lumen Radio CRMX Nova FX RDM transmitter and receiver, their second LumenRadio acquisition. South African based DWR Distribution supplied the equipment.

Andre Rossouw, the specialist production lighting electrician for the SABC TV Outside Broadcasts, was introduced to LumenRadio a couple of years ago when Peter Kirkup visited South Africa for a LumenRadio Roadshow. "The system is rock solid," said Andre. He used LumenRadio for the second time at the South African elections in 2014. "I had two different areas which needed camera lighting and it was no hassle. I have sat under an escalator before with dimmers around the corner and the rig set up inside a hall. LumenRadio has a decent frequency." He also used LumenRadio, working with Kurt du Preez, on the "South African Sports Awards 2013" held at the Superbowl in Sun City. Again the system ran smoothly.

The SABC TV Outside Broadcasts has also acquired a new Avolites Quartz. As large events are now lit by outsourced professional staging companies, Andre uses the Quartz to manually control his television lighting, and smaller television productions ensuring that the production is not only beautifully lit for the audience, but very importantly to ensure a slick, clean image for television viewers at home.

"The Quartz is user friendly and ideal for me to work on," said Andre. "It is quick to set up and runs perfectly on wireless. It is fairly priced and there really is no justification for us to have a bigger desk."

(Jim Evans)

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