One of ECA2's creations for the latest Futuroscope multimedia show, Billy la Bulle.
Yves Pépin, president and artistic director of ECA2, and his team are gearing up for the début of ECA2’s new nightly multimedia show, ‘Miroir d’Uranie’ (‘Uranie’s Mirror’), beginning on 2 February at the Futuroscope Park near Poitiers, France. "Uranie is the name of an as-yet undiscovered star that plays a leading role in the show," explained Pépin. "She is one of a number of characters, both touching and fantastical, who appear in the show. There’ll also be Billy la Bulle (Billy the Bubble), a flying fish; Pegasus; Venus; and an elderly fisherman who goes on a dazzling trip through the universe. The fable, the story of an impossible trip through the galaxies, unites classical mythology with ultra-modern multimedia techniques. It will warm the heart even as it dazzles spectators with its special effects."

The spectacular will take place on he Théâtre du Lac (Lake Theatre), just like the current show, ‘Le Lac aux Images’ (The Lake of Images’), which opened in March 2000. This show has been a real hit with audiences, attaining a spectator satisfaction rating of 95%. Similarly, ‘Miroir d’Uranie’ will appeal to all age groups. The new show will last about 20 minutes, and will unfold on 7,000sq.m of show space, including three water screens, five inflatables and pyrotechnics.

(Lee Baldock)

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