Luis Hinojar (sales director), Domingo Melé (I+D director), Enric Casimiro (managing director), Joan Rius (production director) and Daniel González (marketing director)
Spain - Effective 1 December 2014, NEEC Audio Barcelona acquired the Ecler pro audio brand and business including the personnel and management team under the leadership of Enric Casimiro who will continue to manage the business.

The Ecler business is known for its focus on technology. The brand is also well known by its creative design of Audeo speaker cabinets, in collaboration with the Italian company Italdesign Giugiaro.

NEEC intends to invest in innovation in the pro audio field and to ensure that the Ecler brand is associated with both advanced technology and excellent design.

Over the last decade Ecler has focused its efforts in commercial audio solutions, always striving to improve sound quality, innovation and sustainability. Its main markets include retail shop fitting, education, corporate, hospitality and sports & fitness. ECLER product solutions can be found in wellknown universities like Bristol (UK), Paris Descartes (France) or Università di Roma (Italy), in five star hotels like Le Fouquet's (Paris- France) or Fullerton Bay Hotel (Singapore), as well as in luxury retail outlets like Louis Vuitton or Burberry. Based in Barcelona, Ecler exports 80% of its production.

As it approaches its 50th anniversary, as result of its acquisition by NEEC, Ecler has received a capital injection of 1m euros to carry out an ambitious programme of product development which will be evident at the ISE exhibition in Amsterdam next month.

(Jim Evans)

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