Elle King will continue touring through 2023
USA - Bandit Lites provided lighting for Elle King’s A-Freakin’-Men Tour presented by Slow & Low, which played to sold-out audiences across the country.
Shelley Rodgers, lead designer and CEO of Tribe inc and Bruce Rodgers crafted the set design for the nearly 30-city tour with two large-scale E and K letters and silver grand drapes as the focal point of the design. LD Craig Richter provided the lighting design.
“They added a nice element to break up the stage and gave a more dimensional look to the stage rather than just having her name on a backdrop,” said Bandit LD Craig Richter who programmed the lighting.
King provided an overview of the vibe she wanted for the show, choosing to keep her band tight with her onstage, emulating the small club roots she came up with.
“I went about programming this show with simplicity and dark moody vibes in mind,” said Richter. “We kept things somewhat dark and gritty; dark colours, simple dimmer chases, very little physical movement of fixtures, colour effects and things like that.”
Bandit supplied Mega-Lite Circa Scoops which allowed Richter to get multiple looks out of one static fixture due to their outer LED ring, inner LED ring and the scoop glow.
“I could get modern colour looks and effects along with a nice tungsten glow when needed as well, without the need of a conventional fixture,” he explained.

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