The debate promoted a lively Q&A at the end of the session
UK - During last week’s PLASA Focus Leeds, Entec UVC SafeClean presented its research on creating COVID-free environments and busted some of the myths surrounding pathogen eradication.
Entec UVC SafeClean specialises in environmental germicidal disinfection, effective against COVID-19 variants as well as all other viruses. During the seminar at the Bury Theatre, Entec Group chairman Nick Pendleton presented scientific research on creating COVID-safe environments. He opened up by asking the audience several questions relating to their own personal COVID experience, and some 80% stated they expected COVID disruptions to continue, and almost as many said they had been involved in an event affected by COVID. “I was very surprised to receive such a strong view that the risk and problem had not gone away,” reflects Pendleton.
Aided by a portable Goldensea UVAIR 216 ultraviolet purification unit, in the seminar hot seat were Dr. David Lawrence, a member of the Royal College of Physicians and former GP, and consultant Adrian King of Strategia Group, who among his many roles is Visiting Researcher and Lecturer at Imperial College London Business School. They were led by Pendleton through a list of 11 COVID-related topics, ranging from an explanation of the different forms of UV and the importance of correct product selection; the role of HEPA ventilation filters; why viral load wasn’t discussed more; the effectiveness (and fallibility) of other device deployment (and poor selection), and most importantly, how UVC can help avoid future lockdowns and at the same time safeguard the event industry as it slowly re-awakens.
King cited venues ranging from jazz clubs to rehearsal rooms that had already adopted the technology and the rolling AV slide backdrop - depicting among other things the Gorillaz tour - added further weight to the argument. Gorillaz had featured the first use in the music industry of the Entec supplied THOR UVC robot, ensuring that the band’s rehearsal space was COVID safe and the air and surfaces free of viral load.
With events and tours slowly re-emerging the question comes down not so much whether promoters and production teams can afford to create a COVID-free environment using the tools Entec described from market leaders, Finsen and Golden Sea Professional, so much as whether they can afford not to with so much potential lost revenue at stake in the event of cancellation.
The debate promoted a lively Q&A at the end of the session, after which Pendleton concluded: “The format worked well and the feedback from attendees we spoke to was very positive. We now look forward to delivering similar presentations in the future.”

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