From the Heart to the Hands: Dolce&Gabbana

Italy – Last month, From the Heart to Hands: Dolce&Gabbana opened its doors at Palazzo Reale Milano. Supermodel Naomi Campbell opened the proceedings, inaugurating an evening of celebrations, from a tour of the rooms hosting the display to a fine dining experience.

Every detail of this exhibition has been ‘meticulously orchestrated from ambient and theatrical lighting to scented rooms’.

Produced by IMG, From the Heart to the Hands: Dolce & Gabbana, curated by Florence Müller is an exhibition that pays tribute to the values of Fatto A Mano (hand-made), and delves into the creative imagery and cultural references that underpin the essence of the iconic fashion house that have been essential since its founding.

ERCO helped bring this vision to life, working closely with IMG to provide innovative lighting solutions which accentuate every intricate detail of Dolce&Gabbana's masterpieces and bringing a romance and drama to the atmosphere of the rooms.

Using ERCO’s Uniscan M and Optec S spotlights adds an extra layer of depth and spectacle to the exhibition, ensuring a truly immersive experience for visitors. ERCO worked throughout the entire process in partnership with IMG, who produced the exhibition.

The exhibition lighting is integrated with Casambi technology, bringing flexibility and adaptability. With a diverse variety of interchangeable lens units used to allow precise lighting of every element, Dolce & Gabbana’s creations are illuminated with 3000K colour temperature LEDs.

"Collaborating closely with IMG, we meticulously crafted an ambience that illuminated and enchanted, accentuating every stitch and story woven into Dolce&Gabbana's creations,” says Damian Williams, senior project manager, ERCO Lighting UK & Ireland.

“With ERCO's innovative solutions, from Uniscan to Optec spotlights, we brought a piece of Italian artistry to life. Here at ERCO, it's not just about lighting, it's about illuminating art, history, and the very essence of Dolce&Gabbana's vision."

The exhibition, which launched in Milan, will tour worldwide, celebrating the brand as a symbol of Italian style, following the dreams of Alta Moda, and exploring its unconventional approach to the world of luxury.

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