ETC's ABTT 2013 stand
UK - The stars of ETC's stand (number 53) at this year's ABTT show, 11-12 June in London, will be ETC's newest lighting system, Cobalt, along with the Source Four® LED Series 2 luminaire. Stand visitors will also be able to take the opportunity to see a range of other new and improved products that have been designed with theatre users in mind.

The new Cobalt system that will be on display has an all new operating style that allows operators to keep their eyes on the stage and not on the controls. The Cobalt line - which includes Cobalt 20 and its smaller, but no less powerful sibling, Cobalt 10 - has been receiving great reviews from users for its speed of operation, with lighting designer Rob Halliday writing, "once you get yourself into the Cobalt mindset, you can achieve very much very quickly."

Also being shown will be the Source Four LED Series 2 luminaire, which benefits from advances in technology with a new lime-green emitter, making possible a greater range of colours and more powerful output. ETC staff will be available to show the differences between the Source Four LED Series 2 and its Series 1 predecessor.

At the other end of the spectrum is the new Source Four Mini LED that will also be on display at ABTT, which brings low energy, high output lighting to small scale theatres, office buildings and museums. The 35,000 hour lamp means that it is perfect for fitting in hard to reach places.

ETC will also be showing how its ThruPower technology on both SmartPack and Sensor3 power control lines fits today's mixed lighting rigs that include tungsten, LED and moving lights. ThruPower was first introduced in the Sensor3 family and has now been added to ETC's budget-friendly SmartPack wall-mount racks.

ETC Nomad, which allows people to programme and play back Eos or Cobalt show files directly from their laptop or desktop computer, will also be at ABTT, together with Nomad Puck, an ultra-compact mini-computer with Nomad on-board, featuring two video ports and three USB ports. Nomad and Nomad Puck can be a primary controller, a backup or a client device - or work offline entirely. Because they work with both Eos and Cobalt software, it's like having two consoles packed into a single computer.

(Jim Evans)

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