ETC's Source Four Mini
UK - ETC is showing a range of new and updated products at this week's PLASA Focus in Leeds:

The Source Four LED Studio HD is designed to perform in a high definition production world where people (with varying flesh tones) need to look their best. The fixture combines exceptional light output with an ultra-flexible, variable white light (2700K-6500K), for more accurate colour rendition on camera, and uses the colour technology of ETC's Selador x7 Color System for a more spectrally complete white light that can be finely tuned to the on screen talent.

Source Four Mini is the tiniest Source Four ever, and is designed for small-scale installations, like low ceiling venues or puppet theatres, as well as museums, shops, theatre lobbies and restaurants, or those which need an extremely low-profile fixture that can easily blend into an architectural or artistic design.

The new ES1 dimmer brings the same power control and efficiency behind the newly launched ETC Source Four Dimmer to support any other tungsten luminaire of up to 1500W. It is designed for concert halls, theatres and anywhere that distributed silent dimming is needed.

The newly released Eos v2.0 software for the Eos control desk family, which introduces the new Magic Sheet function, is designed to make programming even easier with Eos-line control desks. Magic Sheets allow users to set up customised, interactive live/blind displays in order to organise and work with channels in ETC's traditional tombstone view or via channel symbols. This software is supported by the newly launched Eos Titanium control desk the successor to Eos.

ETC is giving a preview of its first PC-based controller in the PC Congo, which will be available in the summer. Based on the powerful Congo v6.4 software, it allows a user to run Congo software on their own PC to control lighting rigs for shows or as a backup to other Congo family products.

Source Four LED Cyc, which will be seen for the first time at PLASA Focus, and is also expected to ship in summer, is an asymmetric cyclorama lens tube that can attach to any Source Four LED fixture. With a convenient 2:1 spacing, it will fit perfectly into any lighting rig.

In the seminar area on Tuesday afternoon, ETC's technical director Adam Bennette will be leading a discussion about how to design new systems that support both tungsten and LED lighting in a rational and sustainable way. The talk looks at LED technology with particular regard to inrush and leakage current, preserving the green benefits of lower powered lighting and giving lighting designers freedom to use new and old sources as they wish.

(Jim Evans)

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