Version 4.0 is compatible with all generations of Hog 4 hardware
USA - ETC has announced the release of Hog 4 version 4.0 software. Enhancements include significant improvements to colour handling and Hog 4’s Color Picker, a new Record Defaults function, and Fixture Builder upgrades.
Senior product manager Sarah Clausen comments, “Ultimately, the new colour system relieves programmers and designers from the challenges in controlling rigs with multiple colour engines. By providing multiple colour input languages through the colour pickers, virtual colour functions and the gels library, and full ‘physical’ function controls linked to the virtual controls at all times, colour control becomes seamless.”
For colour handling, v4.0. represents a major overhaul of the colour mixing system used in Hog 4 OS. Substantial changes have been made to the fixture library, colour picker, gels, palettes, effects, plots, pixel mapping, and the playback of colour. All colour mixing systems including native HS, xyY, CMY, and all additive colour engines are now fully integrated and supported by the colour system.
Additionally, Hog 4 OS v4.0 features a new Colour Picker window with a tabbed interface that features a wide variety of controls for quickly and seamlessly mixing colour across all fixture types. A new Colour Mix preview column has been added to the output window and editor windows, indicating the colour being output by colour mixing fixtures.
Version 4.0 is compatible with all generations of Hog 4 hardware. This major release introduces significant improvements to the OS, resulting in a show file compatibility break. Users should update to v4.0 only when they are ready to start a fresh show file and become familiar with the new workflows. In a future release, the capability to export data from a v3.x show file and import it into a v4.x show file will be available.
“Version 4.0 software is a major step forward for the Hog 4 OS, bringing best in class colour controls to the platform and including optimizations that give us a solid base for our future development,” remarks market manager Tania Lesage.

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