Fixed- and variable-speed Prodigy hoists allow the right hoist to be mounted anywhere, and are designed to disappear quickly and quietly
Germany - ETC is getting ready for its first appearance at Berlin's Stage Set Scenery show, 9-11 June, in Berlin. The company is set to make a big splash, giving Europe its first ever look at ETC Rigging, on stand number 208 in Hall 2.2. ETC will also have a second stand at the show - number 210 in Hall 1.2 - to demo its popular lighting products, giving show visitors a lot of new gear to experience.

Introduced in the US in 2009, ETC Rigging has made a deep impression on the industry, with some of the best quality and most versatile equipment available. ETC designed its rigging family with the user in mind, with dealers able to supply turnkey hardware packages tailored to the customer's unique needs, budget and venue size. ETC Rigging includes innovative controllers and motorized hoists that have sophisticated technical features - such as slack-line detection and live status feedback - making them an intelligent choice for any theatrical or architectural installation.

Fixed- and variable-speed Prodigy hoists, such as EXO and P75, allow the right hoist to be mounted anywhere, and are designed to disappear quickly and quietly. Foundation, QuickTouch, and QuickTouch+ controllers activate and monitor the lifting functions of hoists, as well as the safety features of a system. ETC also offers custom Vortek heavy-lift, high-lift and high-speed rigging solutions: orchestra-shell, grand-drape and scoreboard lifts, synchronised acoustic panels and motorised packaged hoists. ETC's renowned pre-sales and after sales support comes as standard, with helpful staff available round the clock, ready to give advice and assistance as needed.

ETC's Source Four LED system is likely to be a major crowd puller. The three different light engines in the ETC Source Four LED Series 2 range - Lustr, Tungsten HD and Daylight HD - can be combined with Fresnel and CYC adapters, nine angles of fixed focus lenses and two variable focus zoom lens tubes, to comprise a complete solution for high power, versatile lighting.

ETC will also be offering previews of the EchoDIN CE power control system, which is set to launch soon. Alongside the Sensor3 power control and Unison architectural control families, EchoDIN is designed to improve the power consumption efficiency of LED and moving lights on stage, but it works just as well for work and area lighting.

ETC will give lighting control desk demonstrations at Stage Set Scenery, including demos of the acclaimed Eos Ti system, which is becoming standard in European theatres. ETC's lighting stand will also feature its popular, tried and tested architectural control systems, such as Unison Paradigm for building wide control, and Mosaic, which provides control for complex and dramatic lighting and AV effects.

(Jim Evans)

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