Richmond Theatre in south-west London commissioned an ETC Unison Paradigm system (photo: Richmond Theatre)
UK - Richmond Theatre in south-west London has upgraded its dimmers to Sensor3, as part of a major electrical upgrade, including the newest ETC ThruPower power control modules.

The theatre had already received a new Eos control desk and RPU (Remote Processor Unit) through ETC dealer White Light; the latest upgrade, installed by Bradbrook Electrical, saw the old dimming units - which were installed in 1996 - taken out and exchanged for the latest power control from ETC.

"We've been so impressed by the new dimming," explains chief electrician Pete Coxall. "We used to have very poor dimming curves, with lights snapping on and off, but the new dimming system provides much smoother fades. We follow the old playhouse production format, with our own rig and lighting control desks, and incoming companies load their show onto the desk. They used to have to make extensive changes to their shows, adjusting fades, but now their changes are minimal.

"All of our infrastructure and cable systems are run in sets of six. Previously, because of the fact that traditional Non Dim or Dimmer modules connect to two ways of wiring, we would be restricted to configuring them in pairs. The beauty of the ThruPower modules is that they allow us to configure separate ways within the pair, giving us a lot more flexibility.

"The new power control, as well as the new lighting power points which we had installed, make life a million times easier."

The theatre also commissioned an ETC Unison Paradigm system for building wide control of its house and work lights. The system was designed so that the lights can be operated by untrained, non-lighting staff from push button and LCD panels around the building, as well from the control desk. When the desk is in use, the operator can lock the button panels, so that house lights cannot inadvertently be turned on.

The installation at Richmond comes at a time of a surge in sales for ETC power control products. The Dubai TV News Centre in the UAE, the Centre Culturel d'Orly in France and the Teatro d'Aosta in Saint Christophe, Italy, have all taken delivery of new Sensor ThruPower Switch Modules; while Al Jazeera TV at Studio 67 in Doha, UAE, Auditorio SGAE in Seville, Spain and the National Theatre in London have, as at the Richmond Theatre, bought Sensor ThruPower Triple-function Modules.

(Jim Evans)

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