ABTT 2003 - Avolites' lighting and video systems
Monday, 14 July 2003
Avolites featured the Diamond 4 Elite lighting console, first seen at LDI in Las Vegas last year. This is a scaled-down version of the original D4, and features include 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures via Legend Cells (re-assignable preset playbacks). Also on the Avo stand was the RADlite digital media server - controllable by any DMX desk (in this case an Azure Shadow). This video and digital effects package can be mixed and output from any lighting desk. It can be run as a video source for any show, either independently from the main video IMAG and playback production, or fully integrated with other video media as required. RADlite combines any number of images and vector shapes with digital video, colour backgrounds and text. Controlled just like a moving light, it allows the operator to apply masks like colours, shapes and effects (e.g. rotate, zoom, pan/tilt), and to fade the video effects in and out in time to the music or action in real-time.

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