ABTT 2003 - Orbital presents Trantec S6000
Monday, 14 July 2003
Trantec's UK distributor Orbital had on stand the S6000 miniature radio mic. Based on the award-winning S5000 series, the S6000 has been developed from the ground up by Trantec's in-house R&D team, who have worked with end users to produce a system tailored to theatre and broadcast applications.

The miniature transmitter has a profile smaller than a credit card and is housed in a robust aluminium case. It features new 'compander' technology to deliver the audio quality required, and by virtue of its LCD panel, clearly displays gain on power up and the unit's operating frequency. An IR port allows gain and frequency to be configured either manually or remotely from a PDA. The S6000RX receiver is a slimline 2U 19" chassis, which can hold up to eight channel receiver cards. Each channel's bandwidth covers 72MHz, enabling the user to tune from the top of channel 62 to the bottom of channel 70 (798MHz - 865MHz), bringing greater flexibility throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. An internal PC (Win XP) allows for flexible system monitoring - up to 40 receivers can be controlled via a single interface.

Orbital also revealed the launch of a distinct, but complementary, division - Fixit - offering a 24-hour maintenance service contract for out-of-house installations and productions, and a repairs facility for all audio and comms equipment, benefiting from new technical workshops and a huge investment in the latest test equipment.

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