ABTT 2003 - Prolyte pre-launches ProTrac
Monday, 14 July 2003
ProTrac is an upgraded fly-bar system designed for those situations where a simple bar or ladder beam no longer meets the requirements. For instance, if the uniformly distributed load needs to be upgraded from 300 to 500kg and the point load from 40 to 150/200kg, the normal fly-bar does not have the required strength. Therefore, the single round tube is often replaced with ladder beams, usually made from steel. ProTrac offers a better alternative than the steel ladder beams, thanks to its combination of an aluminium extruded square profile, underneath which a round tube of 60mm or 48.3mm is attached. Suspension points slide into the square profile and can be locked at any position, and flexibility comes from the fact that several lengths can be easily connected.

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