ABTT 2003 - Triple E's perfect flyman
Monday, 14 July 2003
Most theatres would give their right arm for a fully automated powered flying rig, but not every theatre can afford the expense of automation, so Stagemate, developed by Bader of Germany and distributed in the UK by Triple E, will certainly help. It's an inexpensive and easy method of motorizing existing hand-operated counterweight rigging systems. Installed on the flyrail and in place of the existing rope brake, Stagemate allows a single person to control several hand lines.

With this system, the existing hand-operated counterweight rigging system is retained, and it can be moved to enable different lines to be motorized for different productions. Stagemate offers variable speed travel for both individual lines and groups, with speeds of up to 1.2m/s. The provision of a remote control console ensures the fly-man can have an optimum view of the stage. As with all the best inventions, Stagemate is nice and simple: the hand line is clamped between two drive belts made of hard-wearing, non-abrasive material, while making sure that the line is balanced with battens and sets.

Speed, movement and position are set via the local control unit, which also provides for an emergency stop, whilst distance is measured using a light sensor linked to an incremental encoder.

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