AC-ET film & TV solutions at BSC Expo 2017
Thursday, 2 February 2017
ac-et-at-bsc-expo-2017The Film & TV division will showcase its wide choice of state of the art LED lighting fixtures

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. will be showcasing many UK-exclusive and other product highlights from their Film & TV sales division’s one-stop inventory of lighting, control and grip solutions, at BSC Expo 2017, Battersea Evolution, London, UK, stand 107, 2-4 February.
The Film & TV division will showcase its wide choice of state of the art LED lighting fixtures, which offer flexible, efficient alternatives to more traditional technologies without loss of quality or volume of output.
A number of leading industry experts agree that the UK-exclusive Chroma-Q brand consistently pushes the technical and creative lighting possibilities of LED technology.
Products showing include the 2016 Cine Gear Expo-winning Space Force variable white soft source, which delivers an output and performance comparable with a traditional 6kW fixture in an energy-efficient lightweight, convection cooled, ultra quiet design. Also showing is the 2016 LDI and ESTA award-winning Color Force II colour-wash range, and the award-winning Studio Force 12 Variable Phosphor LED soft light.
The UK-exclusive DMG Lumière marque’s innovative SL1 range has been created in collaboration with gaffers, cinematographers and LED lighting specialists to satisfy the highest standards and needs of the motion capture industry. Available in single colour and bi-colour versions, functions include incredible colour quality, with a CRI of 94 and TLCI of 90-94, and with a very fine colour temperature tolerance. In addition, the fixtures have an incredible size / weight / power ratio.
Another UK-exclusive, the Quasar Science range offers direct replacement of conventional fluorescent fixtures, providing a very cost effective solution for upgrading existing lighting instruments to energy-efficient LED sources. The Mole-Richardson brand includes their range of Fresnels with an LED source option, which provide colour rendition and output comparable with traditional fixtures.
The Manfrotto and Avenger ranges offer a wide choice of lighting support solutions to serve the broadcast industry.
(Jim Evans)

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