AES 2003 - Cadac S-Type in production
Tuesday, 20 May 2003
In addition to Innova Son, the other important console appearance was Cadac's S-Type, announced in September and now in production. It's available in 17-, 25- or 33-way frames, typically at 25 frames with 16 mono inputs; eight group, aux and matrix outputs; eight DC master faders; and a communications module.

The 4-band parametric EQ comes from the J-Type, while this desk can be expanded via buss connectors to link a number of frames together. The modules can be placed according to taste. According to Cadac's Tony Waldron, plenty of live sound people had been to visit the stand. "We've had the Dutch contingency, lots of German and Denmark contacts - all the usual customers who want to see the latest from us.

"In the last 10 years," Waldron observed, "loudspeakers have become so good that they reveal things in a live or playback mix that you couldn't hear before. People like John Meyer have been good news for us, because their achievements show why you can justify investing in high-end products like Cadac. Accordingly, more and more people in live sound are becoming interested in this level of technology, and because of that we've addressed all of the issues involved in shifting the large, tightly packed electronics packages that consoles are."

Cadac also showed the R-Type Lightweight Touring Console and digital developments with the D20 Digital Input Mix Matrix and the M20 Remote Controlled Mic Amp.

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