AES 2003 - Compact Sy80 from Innova Son
Tuesday, 20 May 2003
Innova Son's Compact Sy80 appeared centre-stage, an 80-input, 48-buss live console based on the Sensory Compact Live chassis. It features upgraded 'Sensoft' software, and with a stage-box can be expanded to create further inputs and outputs.

Company founder Philippe Royer presided. "It's very much the result of consultation and feedback from our end users, dealers and distributors," he said. "One of the main improvements has been in the design. Beside that, it's a more rugged console for touring and there is a new suite of software functions. The user can specify the layout of his console, so it becomes a global or universal console. Each of the faders can be an input - mono, stereo or multiple; a VCA; a matrix; or an aux and so on. It is completely user-defined."

Because of this, the Sy80 is equally at home tackling FOH, monitoring, live recording and on-air duties. A new DSP module in the audio rack expands the capability of the console still further, and ensures that it's compatible with everything else in the Innova Son range. "We're getting more and more end users in broadcast," continued Royer, "particularly coming from the live broadcast production angle. Many of the facilities needed are similar to theatre and touring uses, so we try to provide all of them."

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